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Judah's Tribe

Judah’s Tribe
This is the Music team of El-Shaddai Bible Church. Here, our passion and primary assignment is worship. It is our responsibility to lead the entire church into God’s presence in every service through inspired sessions of Praise and Worship.

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Ushering Team -THE G. HOST
The Ushering team is set up to warmly welcome, organize, provide information and serve worshipers at the El-Shaddai Bible Church.

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Media and ICT Team serves to enhance the all-round experience of worshipers through diverse media content including scriptures display, song lyrics, announcements, presentation, graphics and videos.
The department is responsible for producing, distributing messages from the ministry and we also make these messages available for download. The team is also responsible for transmitting live broadcasts of events to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
This department is in charge of the Audio and sound production of the church.

Responsibilities include:

 To provide sound signal input points.
 To receive and process sound and produce amplified format.
 To provide or receive audio signal from Media Livestream, Camera or any other department that might need it.
 To manage and maintain the equipment used to propagate sound.

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THE Sanitation - The sanitizer

This department focused on cleaning and ensuring is conducive for service and programmes at all times. The cleaning of the facility occurs a day before every service and quality checks are carried out on Wednesday and Sundays during/ in-between services.

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Protocol & Logistics Crew

This is a spiritual arm of the church that is made up of young and passionate individuals who serve and interface with all special guests (Secular and Religious) of the church. The team is also the first point of contact people using the bus service have with the church.We ensure that the Buses for Sunday services and other church events are at their appropriate locations, at the specified time and that drivers are always courteous.

We ensure that the Buses for Sunday services and other church events are at their appropriate locations, at the specified time and that drivers are always courteous.
We are available to ensure that people are comfortable, so they are in readiness to get the best!

We provide:
 Airport Pickups and Drop offs : This is aimed at making the process at arrivals seamless and ensuring convenience of our guests, assisting them through clearance and all related formalities and escorting them accordingly. Same is done for Drop off/Departures.
 Liaison: As with many of the guests, we act as liaison officers between the church and the guests while they are under our care. Sometimes this might include Staff of their organization or church.
 Logistics: Throughout their stay with the church we are responsible for all movement across the city or the country as the case maybe. Sometimes this might include personal visits or shopping trips of their choice.

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The spiritual enforcers Team (The S.E.T)

Prayer band ; The spiritual enforcers Team (The S.E.T)

This is an intercessory unit of the church. Prayer is the backbone to a healthy Christian life. The unit intercedes for the growth and development of the Church and her Members spiritually, physically, and financially.

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Graced Kids


Energetic, entertaining, and dynamic ministry designed for our youngest.
Children are precious jewels in the sight of God. It is our responsibility to train, teach, counsel and direct them in the ways of God who has entrusted them to our care. We provide a safe, clean, secured, and well-monitored environment. We ensure that each child is taken care of – both spiritually and naturally.
 Have fun together
 Learn about God and the Bible
 Discover the gifts inside you

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

We provide
 Ministry of the Word of Faith to children in ways they understand
 Trained church staff and volunteers
 Modern teaching aids
 Clean and modern toys and play equipment

Youth with Grace

YWG – Youth with Grace
 Secure their future
 Impart Godly values
 Help them find their purpose

Today’s youth face new challenges. We believe God’s eternal truths solve them.

Our youth should experience God’s freedom – both spiritually and physically. That’s why we are committed to bring the truth of the Word of God to this generation in ways that apply to them. Armed with the powerful truths of God’s promises, our next generation can rise to the challenge and conquer their world for Christ.
Our mission is to raise responsible citizens and visionary leaders that contribute to society and change their world for Christ.
This is a camp for raising giants. A group of vibrant teenagers who let the fear of the Lord be their guide and are not afraid to talk about Jesus everywhere they go. Using media and latest technologies, they are better exposed and positioned to affect their world and bring many to Christ. Guiding our teens is such a great privilege.

You were meant to enjoy a life free in Christ.

Take your first step towards it.

We exist to bring God’s freedom to everyone. We love to care for people who have been hurt. This is our mandate.

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